The Case for Kindness
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Giving potential to passion.

The Daily Kind began as a passion project initiated by Megan Flynn in 2017 while working at Untuck, a Philadelphia design studio that believes in using their powers for good. With this mindset, Untuck encourages self-initiated projects that allow for individual creativity while serving a greater purpose.

The chance for change.

When presented with this opportunity, Megan knew exactly what she wanted, or even needed, to pursue. It seemed there was hostility everywhere she turned—on social media, on the news, in every dinner conversation. The lack of kindness in the world was never more evident and change was never more necessary. Equipped with the power of design, she knew it was time to stand up to Hate and say “Not today.”

Simple word, simple meaning, simple solution.

Recognizing the power of kindness, she set out to increase understanding and empathy through meaningful design and messaging. From there The Daily Kind was born. By inspiring one person to practice kindness, she’s certain the effect can be cumulative, causing a wave of kindness to reach people on a global scale. Simply put, a little kindness can go a long way.

Whether it’s one person or a million, we just want to improve individual lives and, in turn, leave the world a little better than we found it.

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